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A child’s mission statement should act as an invisible hand that guides them towards achieving their ultimate goal. Without this invisible hand in place, children are challenged daily to express behaviors and develop habits that are often not pleasing to themselves, their families or their community.

A mission statement is a brief description what actions your children are going to take, to demonstrate making a positive difference in all areas of their lives.

Helping your children apply daily action to their mission statement increases their motivation to accomplish the vision plans already established. Your children’s willpower can be a powerful asset during this time, and should be used to assist in the manifestation of their goals.

Utilizing your children’s willpower to implement their mission statement, produces behaviors that are rich in obedience, respect, and that will last for a lifetime.

In addition, children’s specific behaviors, habits, and qualities will change to have a stronger positive impact in their lives for elementary, middle, high school and college.

Your children’s mission statement can be simple, or a complex set of ideas. The best mission statements are usually fifteen words or less. Establishing a mission statement with your children helps to direct their focus, and manage the high level of disposable energy that they seem to display with purpose.

Establishing a written mission statement can aid your children with taking better control of their intoxicating energy, and increasing their memory power.

Successful learning and an exceptional memory are attributes of children with thorough and comprehensive mission statements. The ability to store, retain, and recall information efficiently is critical to every child’s success.

Parents are encouraged to assist their children in creating a mission statement that helps guide their daily decisions and schedule. As your children develop over the years, their mission statements will change to match their new vision plans.

An essential part of positioning your children to experience unlimited success within themselves, their family and their community, is to assist them at each level.

A weekly family meeting is an excellent way to set the stage at home, by providing balance and stability for each family member.

A child positioned for unlimited success is a child who creates a mission plan that increases their ability for greatness.

*Steps for Developing Your Children’s Mission Statement

Step One: It is mandatory that parents identify, assist, and encourage their children to write down their past successes at home, school, and with their friends.

Step Two: Assist your children in identifying and writing down the following: a list of five or more core values, and a list of attributes they believe describes who they are and what their purpose is at the elementary, middle and high school and college levels.

Step Three: Identify and assist your children in writing down a list of five or more ways they could make a positive difference in the home, at school, and within the community.

Step Four: Identify and assist your children in writing down a list of twelve goals to be completed each year for the following categories: Family, Education, Health, Finance, Social, Community, Relationship, Career, Purpose, Relaxation, Recreation and Spiritual. Then help them create a colorful scrapbook, power-point or i-movie with lots of pictures and colors to display their goals for another successful year.

Step Five: Assist your children in writing and posting their mission statements that use the ideas already written down on paper.

*Examples of a Child’s Beginners Mission Statement

#1: I complete all my homework and assignments before playing.

#2: I practice self-control with watching television and playing video games.

#3: I never give up. I always do my best.

#4: I cooperate with my parents and others.

#5: I am responsible about completing my chores around the house.

#6: I concentrate on my studies and limit interruptions.

#7: I am confident and positive throughout the day.

#8: I wake up energized every morning.

#9: I am determined to succeed.

#10: I demonstrate commonsense and intelligence.


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