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Imagination is the seed and formation of your child’s future. Changing the negative images about your child first is the quickest way to transform an unhealthy parent-child relationship to one that is vibrant and healthy.

Parents build their imagination by being specific with the images they allow to enter the visual mind about their children. Images that are fussy, unclear and general are limited and ineffective in raising children who are stable and responsible.

The seed of your imagination about your child must include seeing the plant. Parents will need to go beyond just having children. Expand your visual mind by flooding your visual database with extensive images of the behaviors and characteristics you desire for your children now and in the future.

Too often, parents flood their visual mind with images of what they do not want for their child. Whatever the focus, there you are. It’s impossible to think of little Johnnie as “he never listens” and then in another images looking for little Johnnie to “listen”.

Parents must practice seeing specific details in the corridors of their imagination, the characteristics of their child with a stable and sound personality. Encoding your imagination with the power of love that releases and transfers specific images to your child is priceless.

Loving your child through your imagination is not an accident. It may take sometime to build your imagination area. But when it shows up in its encoded form, nothing will be able to change or destroy the specific images you have created. You will then become unshakable in loving your child through your imagination.


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The mental and emotional factors governing the parent-child relationship are fundamental for understanding the psychology of loving your child.

The mind is the processing software for both parent and child’s behavior. The mind is an invisible phenomenon that perceives, thinks, recognizes, experiences and reacts to the environment.

It requires a lot of thinking (mind) about the subject of loving your child before manifestation can take place. As a parent “thinket” in their heart so are they.

Your mind must be protected at all cost. Limit your sugar and caffeine intake. Reduce your stress level, exercise, drink plenty of water, detox often and get adequate sleep so as to increase the power of your mind for loving your child.

The emotional mind is a state of feeling. Emotions are impulses to act. Learning and practicing emotional intelligence allows parents the ability to self-direct impulsive behaviors in a loving direction.

The ability to distinguish between a loving thought and an unloving feeling toward your child is foundational for effective parenting. Emotions are different from thoughts. Emotions lead to actions.

It is the parent’s responsibility to self-direct and self-monitor their own emotions toward themselves and their child. Your emotions belong to you alone and no one has the power to make you feel anything (including your child).

Without intelligent self-direction and monitoring, emotions naturally lead to a habit of reactivity. Reacting to your child’s behavior reflect a parent’s inability to monitor their own behavior. Responding reflects a parent’s ability to process the thoughts about their child’s behavior with full understanding (visual mind) when applying the psychology of loving their child.



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Life is a never-ending series of sounds. In order to know children from the inside out, parents must learn to hear their child’s love sound. Listening to your child’s love sound is key for experiencing a powerful and healthy relationship.

Purposefully listening to your child’s love sounds should be with the intention of learning about your child’s inner world. Listen for what makes them happy, what makes them sad, what inspires them or what drives them.

Think of listening to your child’s love sound as a quality control of your relationship. Failure to listen is costly and will erase any trust you’ve built. Paying attention is invaluable and has the potential to increase the quality of relationship you exchange between each other.

Hearing is the act of perceiving sound. Listening, however, is a conscious choice. According to research, we remember 25 to 50 percent of what we hear. Listening for your child’s love sounds takes concentration and effort so that you will be able to process the perception of sounds being vibrated on the love frequency.

When your child’s behavior takes you by surprise, listen attentively to the sounds being vibrated and ask yourself incisive questions to quickly move out of a frequency with limitations.

Nothing in this world compares to the ability to hear your child’s love sounds. The power of love holds all power, and only in love will you receive the resources to take care of all your emotional needs to connect with your child successfully.

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Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it flows the issues of life. The heart is the source from which we do everything. It is the center of your being and the very core of who you are.

Your heart includes your emotions, images, intellect and your thoughts (inner self). Your heart is the self you are talking to when you talk to yourself. It is who you are at your deepest level of parenting.

It is with the heart, parents think. It is where you put your highest thoughts about your relationship with yourself and your child. No matter how many challenges you face, your heart will stand firm on your highest and dominant thoughts.

If your highest and dominant thoughts about your child are negative and destructive, your heart will hold onto it until those thoughts come to life or until you replace them with healthy thoughts for empowering your child’s growth and development.

Your heart is the real you. It is what you would do were there no restraints or consequence. You hold your deepest commitments and promises in your heart about yourself as a parent and about your child’s development.

In your heart your child will find answers to what you stand for, what you would give up to spend quality time with them and how much love you have available to share.

The journey of parenting isn’t easy. And even though you fail, lose your patience and fall at times on your journey, there must be a desire to change, to do better, to make amends and be more loving to yourself and your child. You have the power to love your child with a healthy heart. You were created for such a time as this!


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Not all visions about your child will be good. Some parents have tunnel vision (focusing on small and insignificant issues with their children). Some have vision of despair (seeing only the negative about their child’s existence, never the positive).

Every parent’s eyes are different and so are the types of vision they have about their children. Understanding the process for the changes that take place during your child’s development can protect the vision you have for your child during their lifetime.

20/20 vision is a term used to express the clarity or sharpness of vision measured at a distance of 20 feet. Vision is about foresight and insight. To have sight without vision is worst than being blind.

20/20 does not mean perfect vision.   All successful parents operate from vision. Vision is the whole essence of your parenting life. It is the art of seeing the invisible potentials about your child. Without the ability to visualize creative goals for your child’s advancement and how to achieve those goals, very little of importance will accomplish.

Parents are desperately in need of an elevated vision about their child. Greater goals (what can be done) and greater objectives (how it can be done) are necessary to eliminate blindness about your child’s development.

Your vision needs to be great.

For example: 1. To increase my child’s love frequency every year

                         2. To expand my child’s capacity to lead with inner power

Your vision needs specific action steps.

For example:

1. To increase child’s love frequency every year

                         a. Read one book monthly on the subject of “Love” and apply one        

                         positive example to yourself then to your child.

                         b. Connect with a mentor or a coach with the ability to increase your                

                          love frequency, making it easier to share with your child.

2. To expand child’s capacity to lead with inner power

                         a. Enroll child in leadership development classes online and offline

                         b. Connect your child with a mentor strong in effective leadership and                                 balance


Your vision needs faith.

-The fight to see is a fight to believe. Faith in your child’s ability to operate at their highest love frequency will be one of the greatest fights in your relationship. Stand strong in faith, knowing that greatness lives in you.

Your vision needs boldness.

-Boldness based on hope and emotional strength is yours for the asking. Preparing your child to speak up at home in a safe and secure environment will help with building their emotional strength.

Your vision needs persistence.

- Always abound, knowing that your parenting is not in vain. Not losing heart, for you will reap a harvest in due time. Do not be discouraged when your child’s behavior does not line up with your vision. Increase your patience during this season and wait for your harvest.

-Many visions are never realized because parents give up too soon on their children. Lift up your eyes and love your child with a 20/20 vision, for he/she is ready to receive all you have invested in yourself over the years.


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Love is at the core of successful parenting. It is highest emotional state of mind that supersedes all other emotions. Therefore, to master the art of loving your child with skill, you will need to master being in a constant state of love with yourself and others.


As the world’s most sought after remedy, “Love” must be developed in your inner being as a practical skill that can be cultivated and applied to produce an experience of inexpressible euphoria with your child.


As the greatest and most powerful force known to man, love is an art, just like music, painting or any profession. To master any subject matter, you would need to study the principles. To master love, you will need to study the principles for loving your child as a skill.


Study to show yourself approved as a parent. Read up on the mechanics of love. Learn about the discipline of the highest emotional frequency on the planet. Understand how love affects your thoughts, your mind, your body and your parenting style.


Your true self demands an investigation of your ability to expand love to your child. Identify and recognize the depth, the height, the length and the width of love in every aspect of your relationship together. Be diligent in running after the power of love, with the ability to add extra peace to ease all your pain.


With the understanding that both parent and child are on the journey of love, both will need to become aware of the steps necessary for mastering the art of love. Welcome love on your journey. Allow love to be your teacher and guide.


The art of loving your child is the only true reality. Nothing else matters!




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